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What type of file is a Video Download? Follow

What type of file is a Video Download?

Our videos are in the mp4 or m4v format which is the standard video file for most computers, media players, and portable devices.

Occasionally, some of our video files are large enough that they have been zipped, and you will need unzipping (compression) software to extract the file before it can be played. It will be referenced on the product page if the file has been zipped. If your computer doesn't come with the compression software already installed, you can find zipping software for free online using a Google search.  Windows computers have had zipping software pre-installed since Windows Vista.  It is also pre-installed on Mac computers.

Apple doesn't allow videos to be save directly to an ipad or iphone. You can use itunes to sync a saved file from a computer to your device. We also recommend a third party app called Documents by Readdle. We don't own that app, nor support it. Please download it from the App Store.

Here is a link to the Apple site for using itunes to sync a video to an ipad

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