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What if I know I won’t be able to “attend” a lesson during the course. Can I make up the work? Follow

What if I know I won’t be able to “attend” a lesson during the course. Can I make up the work?

Yes. You may access all lesson materials for the duration of the course session. As long as you turn in your exercises before the end of the course, there’s no penalty for being “late” with an assignment. (Our assignment/exercise and quiz due dates are simply guides to help you pace your studies and get a timely response from your instructor.) If you know ahead of time that you won’t have access to a computer during a part of the session, you can complete the assignment early or let your instructor know you’ll be completing it later. 

These courses have been designed to allow you the flexibility to log in at your convenience, study and prepare your assignments (if applicable) as time allows, and to participate in group activities without requiring you to be online at a specific day and time. There are, however, some built-in time restrictions and deadlines that you need to be aware of. It’s a good idea to get to the lecture and assignment (if applicable) as early as possible in each lesson to see what’s in store. Once you have an idea how much material needs to be covered and what kind of assignment or project you’ll be preparing, you can budget the rest of your course time appropriately. If you have difficulties keeping up with the lessons keep in mind that you will have access to the lesson materials for 2 weeks after the end date of your course.

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