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When do classes “meet”? What if I can’t get online then? Follow

When do classes “meet”? What if I can’t get online then?

Getting to class “on time” is never a problem with our University Sites. All course components are asynchronous, which means you can log on at your convenience, day or night, to participate. Students from across the country and around the world communicate with each other and the instructor by posting comments and questions in designated discussion areas. When you’re ready to go to class, you simply log on to the site, visit the various student areas, post your questions/responses/comments to the ongoing discussions, read the lesson material, or submit your assignment to your instructor. Students should allow around 2-5 hours per week to read materials, complete assignments (if applicable to your course) and interact with the instructor.

These courses have been designed to allow you the flexibility to log in at your convenience, study and prepare your assignments (if applicable) as time allows, and to participate in group activities without requiring you to be online at a specific day and time. There are, however, some built-in time restrictions and deadlines that you need to be aware of. It’s a good idea to get to the lecture and assignment (if applicable) as early as possible in each lesson to see what’s in store. Once you have an idea how much material needs to be covered and what kind of assignment or project you’ll be preparing, you can budget the rest of your course time appropriately. If you have difficulties keeping up with the lessons keep in mind that you will have access to the lesson materials for 2 weeks after the end date of your course.

A student’s knowledge base of the topic and previous experience may allow one to move quicker. But have no fear, instructors and teaching assistants are available to help students grasp the knowledge and gain the wanted skill set.

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