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How do I unzip files? Follow

To decrease size and download times, some of our downloads are zipped, or in a compressed format. You will need to unzip these files before viewing. Most often your computer will have unzipping software built-in; however, if you are using an older computer you may need to install an unzipping software.

After your product has been downloaded and saved to your computer follow these steps to unzip the contents of your download. These steps will work for both a Mac or PC.

  1. Double click on the zipped file
  2. This will open the folder
  3. Drag and drop, or copy and then paste the file(s) into another folder or onto your desktop.

Apple doesn't allow zip files to be saved to an ipad or iphone. Please save and unzip them on another computer and then use itunes to sync those unzipped files to your ipad or iphone.

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