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Johannes Paint Along programs


Here are the instructions to access the Johannes' Paint Along programs. The registration instructions will no longer be contained in the email purchase confirmation, as in the past.

The Paint Alongs have been done several different ways through the years, so they are going to be accessed differently.

The newer Paint Alongs, 42 and newer, will be accessed in your My Worshops section of your account. 41 is accessed by a link and password that will be in your My Downloads section, and 40 and older will be accessed with the link and password that were emailed to you at the time of purchase.

If there are any Paint Alongs you need the link and password for, please reply back to this email with the order number and Paint Along number and I will be happy to send them to you.

Here are instructions for accessing your Course:

Click on this link
Click on Sign In at the top right corner.
Sign in with your email and password, and click on Login.
Mouse over My Content in the top right corner or click on Welcome (Your Name).
Click on My Workshops.
Click Go to Course (or Video or Subscription) on the right side of the Title.

If nothing happens, verify that your pop-up blocker is off.

You will be linked over to your Watch and Learn page, where you will see your course listed.

Click on the teal button to the far right of the course title. It should either say Start Watching or Continue.

Click the Play button to start viewing the course.

If there are course materials available, they will be found under the Menu tab at the top of the viewing window.

To Access Course Materials:

Click on the Menu tab.
Click on Resources.
You will see the number of Files available for the course.
Click Files.
Click View/Download to the right of the file title to access it.

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