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How do I suspend my video subscription Follow

You are able to cancel your video subscriptions at any time through your Account Dashboard. You will need to wait to suspend you account until just before your upcoming payment date. Once you suspend it, it will immediately remove your access to your subscription. 


Here are instructions on how to suspend your video Subscription:

Artists Network subscription go to:

Quilting Company subscription go to:

  1. Click on Sign In at the top right corner.
  2. Sign in with your email and password and click on Login.
  3. Mouse over Welcome, (Your Name)! at the top left.
  4. Click on My Account.
  5. On the left click on My Subscriptions 

  6. On the far right of the product title click on Edit

  7. In the subscription detail box on the bottom click on Suspend

If you have any further question please contact customer service 

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